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The cornerstone of pediatrics.

We evaluate your child's growth and development from their earliest words to their questions about how to be safe from illnesses in college. For participation in our practice, we require patients — from birth through age 21 — to undergo a complete physical examination. New patients will receive record release forms (to be sent to previous doctors) so we may receive past records. Ideally, we aim to receive these records prior to an initial check-up so we can determine whether we should administer any further immunizations or laboratory tests.

A complete physical exam at our office includes:

  • Height

  • Weight

  • Head circumference 

  • Evaluation of vision and hearing (in older children)

  • Estimate of development

We perform yearly laboratory tests including urinalysis — as well as necessary immunizations. Such regular exams help set the tone for anticipatory guidance and good preventative health care. Please try to schedule in advance for your child's yearly exam.

Where to Get Immunizations

Timely immunization is an essential tool to keep children healthy. Additionally, childhood vaccines prevent life-threatening illnesses. As such, Oasis Medical PC fully endorses and complies with the recommendations set forth by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).

We recognize parents often have questions about vaccines, and we are fully committed to answering these questions and addressing any concerns. Please visit the link below for more information on childhood vaccinations:

Influenza Vaccine Information

Please call now to schedule your child’s flu immunization.  Keep in mind, unlike other vaccines, the influenza vaccine must be given yearly. A primary reason for needing a new vaccine for influenza each year is that the flu virus mutates every year.

The flu vaccine is recommended for all children age 6 months and older. Visit the link below for the most up-to-date information regarding this yearʼs flu vaccine:

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